Due number more then 1000000

so i clicked optimize data base and this came up? this has never happened before. i switched to fsrs yesterday but idk if thats the reason.

1 Million!? lol that’s a number too high. Did you try repositioning? It should solve the problem unless you have >1 million cards. Most people wouldn’t have but I saw some Japanese learners sharing a deck with a similarly outrageous number so you can never be sure…

so i did not do anything and checked it again (except delete unused media) after a few hours and the message isn’t popping up anymore. so i hope im good? i don’t understand how to reposition and what it does.

As you were already answered, this is just informative.

You can Reposition those to lower numbers if you want to. Browsing - Anki Manual

Add-ons like MorphMan or AnkiMorphs can set such positions. Apparently the problem is something like: if the variable overflows (far beyond 1000000) if you create cards before those, the numbers become negative. Maybe I am misinformed, and it’s not that at all.

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