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Recently started AnKing. Wanted my steps to be 25m 1 d. Now all of a sudden, new cards will show 25m for again, and <1m for good. Hitting good again will send it 3-4d. Noob to all of this, what could be going wrong? If this isn’t the right place, can someone direct me? Thanks

Read this Deck Options - Anki Manual

Yes, shouldn’t my steps reflect a ‘good’ to be seen in 1 day?

Could you press “i” on one of these cards to display the card information?

First one is a review, second is new:

You’re right that this is not supposed to be happening. For a card on the 1st learning step, Good should be 1d, and Hard should be ~12h.

  • Do you have any add-ons enabled that affect scheduling?
  • What version of Anki do you have installed?
  • Are you positive that this is the Deck Options preset for this card (the Easy interval also doesn’t match, which could be expected behavior due to fuzz, but just to be sure…)?
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Thanks for the help!

1.) Only have AnkiHub/Review Heatmap

2.) 2.1.56

3.) How could I confirm so?

  1. Have you considered updating to the most-recent version your add-ons will handle (hopefully 23.10.x or 23.12.x)? I can’t say for sure that would help with this issue, but it would eliminate a variable.
  2. When you enter Deck Options from the exact deck the card is in (not a parent deck), you’ll be in the right options. For instance, this card is in –
    So at the top of the options window you would see exactly that deck name –
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@dae could we add a feature request for displaying preset in card information, seems like a good enhancement


Added to show preset in card info · Issue #3020 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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