Card Duplicates in "Due" Column

Every time I study a new card there are two cards that show up in the “Due” side. Does anyone know how to fix this? It was fine yesterday but I imported a quizlet and it went down from there. Super frustrating because I have been trying for so long trying to fix this.

Those may be learning steps (see deck options)?

Is there a specific method to see that? I go to options and everything seems to be default for the decks.

default steps are 1 and 10 minutes. Make sure you go to deck group options :gear: and not the general preferences.

Maybe I am not looking at the right thing but it still did not work. Are you saying that next to the deck, click the gear and then change options group at the top? I have it on default and it still does not work even if I change it to the new one.

If the count is 2 in the red column, that is the two learning steps. If you see the same card twice in the browse screen, please see