Help please! Due Cards Not Showing Up

My Due Column does not show all my cards that are due…

It shows that I only have 9 cards due, however if you see from the add on that there are 298 cards due. It also shows way more than 9 cards due if I look under Browse → Today → Due

I have set my limit for reviews and new reviews to the max (9999) and have tried deleting and re-downloading the program. The problem persists…

Can someone help me with this please? Ive been using ANKI for a few years now and this is the first time I am experiencing this problem.

I also clicked ‘check database’ and no change

I even deleted all my Add-ons in case those were causing any problem and no change…

The add-on you are using is including the learn count in the due number.

But even when I deleted all the addons the problem persists?

Looks normal to me. You’ve changed the learning steps, and the majority of your due cards are in learning still.