New cards appear twice in the learning program

i got the the problem, that every card that i made, is appearing twice when i have to learn it , but if i delete one both cards disappear.
Even if the deck is completly empty before and i just make 1 card, there are 2 cards to learn.
When i have to learn the second card, on top of what i wrote it always says “edit to customize”
Even if i turn down every addon it happens.
First time i saw the problem was after i updated to 2.1 from 2.0 i think

Please help it is very anoying

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i think you’re using the old scheduler. in old scheduler, each step counts as a card.
for example if you have 1 card that has 3 learning steps that all of them are in the same day when you press “Good” the first time, that cards shows as if it’s 3 cards in card counter.

you can change your scheduler to 2.1 scheduler, it counts one card as one card no matter how many learning steps it has.

#NOTE: Switching scheduler will reset all learning cards to new and clears all filtered decks.

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you have 2 cards per note. “edit to customize” is added when creating a new card template by default. If you don’t want this second card template you can just delete it. Deleting the note will delete all two cardtypes.

Click the cards… button in browser view and then select the second cardtype and click the top-right option button. On that menu there an option to get rid of the cardtype in particular.



Oh thank god! i love u <3

You are welcome. Feel free to mark the topic as solved.