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Card browser hotkeys (semi-)broken

Some of the card browser hotkeys have ceased working entirely (such as HTML editor, and Set foreground color).

Perhaps unrelated, most relying on modifiers have their tooltips read “missing key: keyboard-ctrl+missing key: keyboard-shift+X” etc. (language is set to English [US]) – though ones like underline work regardless.

"Preview", on the other hand, both still works and has an unbugged tooltip. Copy, cut and paste work too, but not undo.

[Hadn’t updated my Anki in weeks, dunno where it started.]

Linux, safe mode/no addons
Version ⁨2.1.45 (d878de54)⁩
Python 3.9.4 Qt 5.15.2 PyQt 5.15.4

I’ve fixed the broken tooltips, though the actual shortcuts like ctrl+shift+x were still working for me, and ctrl+z seems to work for me too.

Thanks! The tooltips are fine now. Had to revert the recent rust dep updates over…

ts/sveltelib/BUILD.bazel:8:11: Compiling TypeScript (prodmode) //ts/sveltelib:sveltelib failed: Worker process did not return a WorkResponse:

—8<—8<— Start of log, file at …/worker-4-TypeScriptCompile.log —8<—8<—
Error: Cannot find module ‘…/tsetse/runner’

The hotkey issue persists though, but I’ve noticed the cause: The browser now takes raw keyboard input, rather than what key is pressed according to my layout.

Seems this was fixed recently?

Minor new bug though apparently: Some characters like ’ get pasted as their numeric character reference (&#39; etc.)

I tried pasting the text of your post, but it seems to remain as a ’ for me.

Uh, I see now that it’s probably another new XWayland (Chrome, Goldendict)→Wayland (Anki) clipboard conversion bug. Indeed unrelated to Anki.