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2.1.48 Card browser critical bug: wrong cards shown when cycling with arrow keys

I am having an issue with Anki 2.1.48 that wasn’t present on 2.1.44. When browsing cards in the card browser on Windows 10, cycling through cards using arrow keys often shows the wrong card, not the one that is highlighted or currently selected in the browsing window. Why? I’ve tried this on three machines and the same issue is present on 2.1.48. This appears to be a critical bug that breaks core functionality of the browsing window. Just cycling through cards with the arrow keys shows the wrong card almost every time, not the one that is shown as selected in the upper window. This is an incredibly bad regression and I am staying on 2.1.44 so I can cycle through my cards using the arrow keys properly. Please fix this issue, it breaks the card browser’s core browsing functionality, I need to be able to cycle through cards appropriately using the arrow keys. Even trivial testing reveals that this is a serious problem present in 2.1.48.

Works for me. This may seem obvious, but did you rule out add-ons? Please see When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t use any addons. This is DEFINITELY a bug in 2.1.48, I don’t experience it on 2.1.44 at all, but on three separate computers, browsing cards with the arrow keys shows the wrong card almost every time, not the one highlighted in the top window section. Maybe the order gets messed up when you study the cards and try to browse them afterwards. This is 100% reproducible on 2.1.48 and needs to be fixed ASAP. You have to go through at least 3 or 4 cards with the arrow keys before it shows the wrong cards. It happens every single time, without fail.

It’s also working properly here, no matter if using note / card mode or select / search mode. Using 2.1.48 on Windows 10.

I’ve tried with different decks and with different note types, working as expected in all cases.

Does that happen with all note types, or just with one / some of them? Could you share a sample deck , so other users can test it?


Oh, wait I’m sorry, I was incorrect about the version. I had 2.1.46 installed and I assumed it was the latest version on the site (2.1.48) because the previous stable version provided is 2.1.44. In 2.1.46 on three machines I had this wrong cards issue. Now, on 2.1.48, it is resolved after I tested it. I apologize for the confusion and for not verifying the version, this thread can be closed. I’m not sure how this bug even made it to a stable version release, but it is resolved from 2.1.46 to 2.1.48. I unfortunately can’t edit the title or my original post, so I am leaving this comment. I encourage you to verify the veracity of this bug on 2.1.46.

Wait, this needs to be reopened, the bug is actually present on 2.1.48. The wrong card is shown often when using the arrow keys, often multiple cards must be cycled through up/down to show the wrong card. Sometimes clicking on a card in the card browser even shows the wrong card. This is really bad. Please test more and verify that this occurs for yourself even on 2.1.48. It’s only slightly less broken than 2.1.46.

You are right that this would be quite a severe issue, if it was as ubiquitous as you say. However, the fact that there haven’t been any reports about this over the last releases indicates that it’s not.
Maybe there is something unique about your setup that’s conducive to the issue. A screen capture of you reproducing the issue might help us figure out what’s happening.


Okay I will record the bug happening for you when I am able tomorrow. It’s very odd, the wrong card behavior doesn’t happen at all in 2.1.44.

I made a short screen capture video and uploaded it to Imgur for easy viewing. At the 10 second mark, you can see the wrong flashcard is shown when going down with the arrow keys, and at the 20 second mark, the wrong flashcard is shown going up with the arrow keys. This is reproducible on any of my flashcard sets in 2.1.48 by simply cycling through with the arrow keys up and down, and I frankly have no idea why this issue wasn’t noticed before because it fundamentally breaks the functionality of the card browser. I wish I was making this up. Also, for some reason sometimes even clicking a card in the card browser shows an incorrect card. Please look into this issue.

Strange, I’ve been using Anki 2.1.48 (and previous versions) extensively for the last months and I’ve never experienced that problem.

Assuming that all cards on your video belong to the same note type, could you share a sample deck, so other users can test it to try to reproduce the problem?

Thanks for the screen capture. That’s really odd. I still can’t reproduce it.
Can you ascertain that the bug occurs, even when starting Anki while holding down the Shift key?
What happens if you perform certain actions while the editor is showing the wrong note, e.g. switching to notes mode, assigning a flag or tag or opening the previewer or card info dialog?

Here’s one of my decks that I consistently experience the problem on. It’s very reproducible. I tried holding down the shift key and it doesn’t make a difference. I don’t have any addons anyway. I am syncing with the Anki cloud if that makes any difference.
I tried performing actions and here is what happened. Opening the previewer showed the correct card, and the correct card was also shown after mousing over the Preview button. Switching to notes mode with the card selected shows the correct card, not the wrong one that appears initially. Assigning a flag or tag, the flag shows up on the correct card, but the view doesn’t change (the correct card is not shown). Sometimes the wrong card is shown when clicking on a card in the card browser. Very odd behavior really. I don’t experience this bug on 2.1.44. Is this related to the “software” graphics mode? Should I be using the “angle” driver?

Edit: Hmmm it seems like using the angle driver fixes this problem, %APPDATA%\Anki2\gldriver was originally set to “auto” for me, which I think means it uses the software driver. Setting it equal to “angle” using “echo angle > %APPDATA%\Anki2\gldriver” in the command line seems to have done the trick. Still… this shouldn’t happen by default using the auto (which I think means the software) GL driver. The documentation moved, here it is for setting the Windows GL driver:

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Just for reference, I’ve tried your sample decks and everything worked as expected on my system, no matter which video driver I use (software / angle / OpenGL). By the way, are your windows video drivers up to date?
I thought the problem could be caused by the card template, but the template is pretty basic, just front and back fields (text and images), and some basic styling.

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Thank you for the continued testing and good job figuring out a fix. It doesn’t seem to be a bug in Anki’s code then, and I can’t even imagine how a video driver can cause an issue like this. I’m afraid I’m of no help here. :man_shrugging:

By the way, do you have problems with the preferences screen as well? Otherwise, you can adjust the video driver using Anki’s GUI, as it says in the link you’ve included.