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2.1.46 Release Candidate

If no issues are found, the plan is to release this as stable in the next day or two:


Added F9/Shift+F9 shortcuts for sticky fields, and increase opacity (thanks to Henrik)

Cheers, @hengiesel! Was missing this from Frozen Fields and I appreciate that people will be able to keep using the shortcuts they’re used to.

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A big thanks to all of you. All the bugs I’ve reported were fixed.


I made an account here just to report the shift pasting duplication bug, but it looks like it was already found. Thanks for the quick fix!


Change Note Type doesn’t seem to work in the Import dialog for a text file.


If a new note type is to be selected, e.g. Basic → Cloze, nothing changes, the field mapping stays the same and the imported notes will have the wrong note type.

The html editor uses % as spaces in image file names. Does this cause problems if there are actually % symbols in the image names? I don’t want to run into problems we did in the past. @hengiesel perhaps you know about this?

@kelciour thanks, fix coming

@AnKingMed Saw your latest video - thank you for spreading the word about the new version! Your video showed a bug where the redo text shows the wrong action; a fix for that will be in the next update.

Spaces in filenames need to be represented as %20. If you use a % in a filename and add it via Anki’s interface, it should automatically escape the % sign to %25.

Always happy to spread the word! Didn’t realize the bug but I’m glad you caught that!

No way to represent spaces as just spaces? I added a % to the image name in the html editor and it didn’t change after reset. I’m assuming this only automatically escapes if I add the images with copy/paste and not by manually typing the name?

2.1.46 has been released. Changes since rc1:

  • Fixed Redo menu item showing Undo action name.
  • Fixed notetype selection in the import screen.
  • Fixed error in overview/congrats screen when there is no current deck.

If you run into any issues, please let us know on a new thread.

@AnKingMed Not easily, no. The inline HTML editor is showing the actual HTML that is used to display the fields, and not the easier-to-read-but-not-actually-valid HTML that the old HTML editor used. While it may be possible to apply transforms to the text, there’s a risk it could introduce problems if not done correctly, and I’m not sure it’s the right move in a mode that is supposed to be showing the raw text.