Image names being changed

@dae I found an issue with Anki renaming image files and making them disappear when viewing the HTML. I’m on Mac 2.1.33

This is the original HTML
<img class="resizer" src="paste-18902151069697 (1).jpg"><i><img class="resizer" src="types of miscarriage.png" style="width: 830px;"></i>

This is what it gets changed to (slightly different every time after I fix it, but similar pattern):
<img class="resizer" src="paste-18902151069697%2520%25281%2529.jpg"><i><img class="resizer" src="types%2520of%2520miscarriage.png" style="width: 830px;"></i>

I can not reproduce this when opening and closing the HTML editor on a field with a space in the image filename. Have you ruled out add-ons?

I should have thought to do that. Sorry! I just disabled all and it doesn’t happen and then re-enabled and its not happening so I have no idea what was causing it but it appears to be ok now. I’ll keep messing with it and notify you if there’s any further issues.

Thanks for all your patience with me over the years :slight_smile:


@AnKingMed, could you solve the problem?

I had the same issue before, but is has stopped. But now It is happening again. Can you tell me how did you solve it?


P.S. I’m on Windows.

I just restarted and it fixed itself