[macOS] pasting image from clipboard adds both png+jpeg

Since at least 11.April (worked fine until on 6. April), pasting an image from your clipboard from “google.com” adds a “reference url” as well as 2 images, a png and a lower res jpeg. screenshot with the html/css:

(かか | 宇佐見りん |本 | 通販 | Amazonかか | 宇佐見りん |本 | 通販 | Amazon)

turning the “strip formatting when pasting without shift” gets rid of the reference URL, but the duplicate image remains.
The duplicate image is also stored in the media files of Anki, so it’s rather annoying.
Do you know if something can be done about this?

Perhaps you’ll have more luck if you copy the image to the clipboard, instead of a link to it.

that’s what I’m doing. But it additionally attaches the reference url, and for some reason Anki then also creates two images. It seems images from google images are now saved to the clipboard as “webp images”
Discord just converts it to a png when uploading. And the notes app displays the image normally (but does not convert it).

top is download from google, bottom is uploaded, and then downloaded again to and from discord

Might have been a change on googles side.
But regardless, it seems that Anki is failing in some way in being able to convert the image to PNG, and delete the rest (seemingly only for the webp files)

Would be pretty cool if this could possibly be addressed.

Seems to work fine if I use Chrome - this appears to be a Safari/Google Images interaction.

Yeah. Seems to be specific to safari + Anki desktop.

Works fine on iOS Safari on Anki mobile. Also fine with Firefox on Mac.

it wasn’t like that the last year until last week. Rather annoying, but I guess it can’t be helped. I suppose I just need to download every image instead of copying it to clipboard.

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