Can't login to the mac app; please help

I can login to the browser version but the app just doesn’t let in/ sync. Any ideas?

Please follow the steps in this intro video: Syncing in Anki: Getting Started - YouTube

Hi there I’ve done that already and it doesn’t work. Please can you help?

I also cannot log in again on another browser. It tells me that my email isn’t recognised whilst where I’m logged in it clearly shows my email as being used. This is such a quagmire.

Is there any user support beyond this? I want to use this app but the logging in/ syncing just doesn’t work.

You do not appear to have an AnkiWeb account at the email address you’re writing from, so either you’ve signed up using a different email address, or you have signed up to a different site (such as this forum, or some other site), instead of AnkiWeb. Please confirm you created an account at, as shown in the video. If problems persist, could you please attach a screenshot of where you are logged in, with your email address partially or fully obscured?

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This solved it thank you, I was indeed not signed up to the right site!