Can't log into newly created ankiweb account on IOS

I’m using LastPass to share passwords between my desktop and my phone, I can log into Ankiweb without an issue and on the local app.

However, using the same credentials on IOS I get this:
No account was found with that email address. If this is your first… etc

This seems odd given that those credentials are being passed via a password manager and work on the desktop and in the browser.


I did try resetting my password, didn’t help.

Does it work if you manually enter in your email and password? Is there a leading or trailing space in the username or password?

No, it doesn’t work if i manually enter email password.

There’s no space in either in last pass either.

The LastPass integration works on anki web and using LastPass i can copy the email/password into the desktop app.

I’m afraid I suspect you’ve downloaded a knock-off app, such as AnkiApp is not part of the Anki ecosystem - Frequently Asked Questions

That was the problem. Thanks

Just FYI, I applied for a refund and was given one. In case anyone else runs into this.

I also left a poor review as it’s quite confusing.


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