Can't confirm email address

I tried to register through android app. But I didn’t receive a confirmation email. (Not on the email address that I’m using here. I couldn’t register here with it either.)
I tried logging out to try to register with a different email address. I tried reinstalling the app several times. Nothing works.
It always takes me back to the page that says
” Email Sent

We’ve sent you a confirmation email, but it has not yet been received by your email provider. You can reload this page to check on progress.

In most cases emails should arrive within a few minutes, but in some cases it may take up to 24 hours for the mail to arrive.”
And it’s been a lot longer than that.
Please help. What should I do?

I can’t find an account from the email you’re writing from, so my guess is you accidentally mistyped it - please try signing up again.

I didn’t mistype it. I said in my initial comment that it’s not the email that I’m writing from. Where can I send it to you so that I wouldn’t have to write it here openly?

Re: your private message, you can change your account’s email address by clicking on the Account tab after logging in to

Ok, it worked. Thanks for the help!