Cannot flip card backs more than one time


I made a lot of cards which mostly use more than one backside.
(Up to five)
I cannot find the option on the iOS app where I can show the multiple card backs. It just shows one of them while the function is working flawlessly on the Anki desktop app.

Please don’t tell me that this feature isn’t implemented on iOS…
I have never spend so much money on a app like for Anki and I just want it to work…

Thx in advance for the help

Cards have one front and one back. Could you show us what you mean by “multiple card backs”?


Do you understand what I mean hengiesel ?

There are many Instances of Back: Back 1, Back 2, Back 3 and so on…
I used these in Anki Desktop but they simply don’t appear in Anki Mobile for IOS.
Do I really have to rearrange hundreds of cards now just because this isn’t correctly implemented in a Application for 30 Euro or have I missed something in the options menu?

As @hengiesel said, cards always have one front and one back side. You can add templates to generate more than one card per note. On the desktop version, it works exactly the same way.
You might want to read more about these concepts in the Anki Manual.


Dear rumo, i suppose you stil did not completely get my point. To read the whole manual is not what helps me here I guess, neither is it a very specific advice. Thank you anyways.

I now got to the point where I found a option to program which notes should be shown on the backside of my cards and I managed to make it show all 5 parts of the answer. Regrettably they show up all at once for until now, not one by one after clicking once per answer, as expected.

I send a screenshot for better understanding:

To use Anki, you need to understand how Anki works.
It’s not quite obvious what you want to do here.
Do you want to learn the individual dates? Then I would suggest you use cloze deletions. If you don’t want to read the manual, maybe you can watch this video about cloze deletions, to get a better idea.

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I didn’t suggest reading the whole manual and I did link a specific section.
If you don’t know what the mentioned key concepts in Anki mean, it will be hard for you to figure things out and hard for other users to communicate with you efficiently.

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There are also plenty of good YouTube tutorials showing how Anki works.

I wonder if perhaps you were using some add-on on the computer version to reveal the card part-by-part? Most card layout functionality built into the computer version is supported by AnkiMobile, but functionality added by add-ons tends not to be.

You might be able to approximate such functionality with hint fields: Anki Manual

That said, I would not recommend making a card like that - it contains too much information, and so Anki will not be able to schedule it effectively, as forgetting one part would require you to re-do the whole thing. For future cards, you may wish to continue using cloze deletions, or creating multiple cards, each testing a subset of the material. SuperMemo has some good tips on card creation: