Card duplication

For example, I have a card with a front and a back, set to Basic(and reversed card). So that shows up as having two cards on my desktop app. When I export(I have to use “support older Anki versions” for some reason to make ankiapp happy) to anki app it takes what should be two cards and makes it four. Shown below is an example

In the desktop I have a card that is front “a” and back “b”. but when I export and import to ankiapp it becomes two that are front “a” back “b” and two that are front “b” back “a”. for a total of 4.

So which is correct?

And if the one that says open by it that I do have. Is there a way to fix it using that app. Or will I only achieve what I want with the $25 one

The iOS app connected with the Anki ecosystem is “AnkiMobile Flashcards” – with the same star logo you see on this forum, and you can follow the link from the main Anki site to be sure – Yes, the iOS app costs $25 (Why does AnkiMobile cost more than a typical mobile app? - Frequently Asked Questions), but using AnkiWeb with AnkiDesktop is an alternative.

The FAQ dae already posted will help you transfer your data from the copycat app.

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