Waste of time, waste of effort

Made a deck of 52 cards the other day and now they are gone. Spent £15 to get the best access. Now I have no cards, Also wouldnt let me share decks online or with other devices.

Beyond a joke that there is no proper support system, Take your money then leave you blind.

Did you pay for a deck of cards or the app?
And what version do you use? The desktop app is completely free.


Yes its free but I wanted to back up my decks and use anki on my phone. So I got that version which cost £15.
I MADE the deck myself, please read what I say. As far as I can see I have version 3.2.2.

I guess you paid for AnkiMobile, right? Sorry for misreading.

If you have problems with syncing, you may find this video useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkiM4DPzSVc&list=PLGgmaKOIHykFoomqkBJAyGiDQ2kyiuTao&yt:cc=on

Addtionally, see the manual:

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No. Again I didn’t say I bought Anki mobile. On the desktop version, you can purchase 2 options, yearly or lifetime options. I picked lifetime subscription as it said all decks uploaded to the cloud. This isn’t the case, I have the same app on my phone and desktop. The desktop can see the title of the decks but there are no cards anywhere. The cards are on my phone after I Synced and was able to download but it doesn’t allow me to share this either.

Video didnt help. I have an ankiweb account, none of my decks ever appear on this account or web page even after following the correct steps multiple times.

Also, take into consideration that I am currently a student … I don’t have time to read manuals and check and double-check, The reason for getting anki is it was meant to be easy and saves time. I also had someone who used anki walk me through the early steps and how to do things. They can’t explain why my cards are vanishing, so I guess thanks for sharing the manual, but no way am I reading all that, that’s unreasonable for an “app”, I’m not building a Desk.

The fact that there is no proper online or even telephone supports tells me all I need to know about anki.

Did you download the desktop version from this site https://apps.ankiweb.net/ ? You can see the official apps there. Because there are no purchase options, AFAIK.
Could you please take a screenshot of your desktop app? It seems you use a different app that’s not affiliated with Anki. Could it be AnkiApp maybe?


How can there be an app called AnkiApp that has nothing to do with Anki. You’re saying I’m with the wrong anki? That is some major bullshit.

Please see https://faqs.ankiweb.net/ankiapp-is-not-part-of-the-anki-ecosystem.html



Yup, you downloaded the wrong program. If you have any dissatisfactions, whether it’s about the pricing, data syncing or the deliberately confusing / misleading choice of name, you should contact their customer support rather than spreading toxicity here.

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Abdo did the work and you get to call him “major bullshit”, and I’m not allowed to point out your toxic comments? Please, leave this forum already.


Thumbs up for your chilled-out response, @abdo. :+1:
I couldn’t have done this.


Keiran, I share some of your frustration …
I also bought the doggie Anki-app :frowning: before I bought this Anki app.). In my country they are the exact same price which adds to the confusion.

I then had trouble with my decks disappearing after making them.
I had a lot of support from the community - guiding me - which I was thankful for.

One of the features of Anki is that after you use the deck - it is hidden until a certainly time assigned by you. I thought I had lost my decks. I just didn’t fully understand the program - which I now love and am most grateful for the way it helps me learn.

There are some things to learn and I am not the most capable person to help you - but I encourage you to work at it - for Anki is a pretty amazing tool for learning.
Wishing you well … Mick


I feel you! Spent a whole day making Anki cards for a few classes that used various card types like “Terminology” and “IPA”, then when time comes to test myself, it comes up saying “the card is blank” but if I click ‘edit’, it does have the stuff I inputted. THEN when I try to convert it onto another card type, I can’t find a way to do it. Now I’ll have to slowly delete the old malfunctioning cards and input them into a new form AND THEN will have to preview it before moving on to ensure it’s actually compatible.
So frustrating