Can’t get second card in a note to come up

I have a problem in getting the second card of a note to come up. I will have two cards to a note, one front/back, and one back/front. Usually I study by suspending all the cards, and then unsuspending cards and marking notes as I encounter the words in reading or other study. The first card will come up, and then the second card will not come up, maybe for months, and there doesn’t seem to be anything I can do to compel it to come up so I can study it. The same thing seems to happen if the note is not marked, but simply not suspended and in the new card queue.

A maybe related problem is a card that I have studied, but then a pair of parentheses will appear around the due date and then it will not come up again. The other one of the pair will come up as scheduled, but the one with the parentheses will not.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or analysis of this issue.

I changed from an Android phone to an iPhone several months ago, so now I am using AnkiMobile rather than AnkiDroid. I almost never use a computer, and don’t even have one with me, so I can’t speak to whether this problem adores on a desktop. But in AnkiDroid, it seemed like this issue occured, but was resolved quickly, maybe within a few days the next card would appear. In AnkiMobile, I’m still waiting for some cards that are the second half of a note I started months ago.

Do the siblings have the same due number?

That may be the issue, or at least part of the issue. My next question would be, can I change this on the iPhone using Ankimobile? I will not have access to a computer for several months.

AnkiMobile doesn’t have a reposition command at the moment, but you may be able to achieve similar results using the Forget option, or by giving the deck a different deck preset, and then changing to random mode and back to ordered. I recommend making a backup first before you start experimenting.