Can no longer import custom file

For years on GitHub I’ve been sharing an incredibly useful syntax coloring scheme for people who edit their notes in text files. This lets us clearly distinguish the fields as we type them.

The scheme assumes the file extension is 4anki3.
Just upgraded from 2.1.54 to 2.1.57. Before, Anki would import files with any extension name. Now it has a box that limits the formats that can be imported.

Can you please either:

  1. re-enable importing of any file type, or
  2. add 4anki3 as an allowed type (it’s a semi-colon-separated file)

Can’t you just change the extension to something like .4anki3.txt?

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Yes. That worked. Very clever. Thank you for the idea.

Note to self:

  1. in EPP, change the Anki file mask to *.4anki3.txt
  2. Move UP the txt file type before the Anki file type, as the last matched mask determines the file type.

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