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Hi all. I maintain all my Anki databases in Excel worksheets, flow is copy to text, then import.

My question is can I set the Import dialog options, specifically “Notetype”. It always defaults to the same random Notetype. I have to reset it each time I import. I know I can put Notetype in my text import file, and I’m not doing that.

If you import the files as CSV, you can specify the notetype in the file in recent Anki versions:


See: Text Files - Anki Manual

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I think it should default to the notetype you last used when adding a card in the Add screen.


Thank you abdo I know I can do that, but it’s an extra step.

Thank you dae This is the answer I was looking for! I always import from a file, I haven’t added a card manually for a long time, and the field was stuck on that card type from long ago. Now I know how to set the default notetype when importing.

I’ll mention my import method. I use Excel for all data. When I have data ready for Anki, I copy the data from Excel to a text file, and import the text file. Because going directly from Excel, even as CSV, has issues, going through Notepad works fine. This method is efficient for me, data is much easier to handle in a spreadsheet than a card deck, and it’s easy to make changes across a deck, just re-import the data after making worksheet changes.

Original problem is resolved, but a similar problem I just got is the Import dialog for “Allow HTML in fields”. It’s been set to “allow” for a long time, but recently I set it to “not allow” for a one time experiment, and now the default is stuck on “not allow”. I’d think the default should be the last import action setting, but it isn’t, now I have to toggle it to “allow” every time. How can I get the Import dialog default setting to go back to Allow HTML?

Anki doesn’t remember that setting, so for now I’m afraid you’ll need to put it at the top of the file if you want it to always be on.

Thank you @dae
So this is a setting that can be turned off, but can’t be turned back on again?!
Does Anki have a settings file, or registry entries for settings?
Or maybe a new install would revert the setting back to default on?

The setting is hard-coded in Anki’s code, and thus can not be changed without compiling Anki yourself.

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