How can I reset cards when learning and select default import options?

I recently updated my Anki installation to the following version:

Version ⁨2.1.61 (0c1eaf4c)⁩
Python 3.9.15 Qt 6.4.2 PyQt 6.4.0

I’ve found that Anki now behaves a bit differently and I’m looking for workarounds.

  1. After revealing a card’s answer, I’d like to be able to be able to reset the card to hide the answer again
  • Before, I was able to do it by opening the edit window (shortcut E) and closing it again.
  • I also used this method to be able to reset my typed answers, which I’m now not able to retype in Anki after getting it wrong.
  1. The import options now default to the last note type and deck that was selected when manually adding a card.
  • It used to default to the deck that was currently active and
  • it used to default the note type that was used in the last import

The new behavior now always makes me choose my deck with my mouse, when before I could just navigate into the correct deck on my keyboard with the shortcut / before importing. I like the old behavior much better because I frequently update decks using imports.

If you answer the card, you can use ctrl+z to undo the card and return to its question. If you’re regularly importing, you can add the deck/notetype in the file: Importing - Anki Manual

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Thank you for pointing me towards file headers for import files, great feature!

The Ctrl+Z is a good workaround I overlooked, thanks!

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