Import should improve deck selection

Posted here, and not github, because I don’t know what is the best UI for this issue.
Right now, it seems that importing CSV default to the deck to which a card was last added. I would suggest defaulting to the current deck instead. So that at least it is consistent with “add card”.
And, more importantly. You already have a great tool to select deck. I’d strongly suggest using it. Because selecting one deck out of a list of thousand of deck is pretty hard to do when you can’t filter anymore.
I understand most people don’t have a thousand deck, and I’d would be fine selecting the deck first, then opening the import menu. But the fact that Import don’t use the current deck means it’s not a trivial solution for power user either

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The importing page is web-based, so we can’t easily use the old Qt selection widget there. Adding a new web-based one would make sense, and is a matter of finding the time.

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ah okay. I thought JS could send request to python, so use the same function as usual to change the selected deck.
But understand this is not the way UI is evolving

Oh, also. Even if you can’t use Qt anymore, I suspect that using the current deck instead of the “last note added” deck is still possible. And would ensure there remains a more or less easy way to select a deck with the usual search tool.
Plus, it would be consistent with the way the “add note” window currently work

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