Can ANKI support third or in one note?

Hi, we know that anki can only support front & back 2 cards in one note. But in some scenarios, there are huge text need to classify into different sections, that’s convenient for us to reivew one by one. Are there any way to support more than 2 cards in one note? Thanks.

You can simply add more fields to your note and add individual card types using these fields.

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You can configure Anki to create multiple cards from one note, but the order they appear in when reviewing is not guaranteed. It’s generally a better idea to split information up into smaller pieces that can be reviewed individually, as when you fail a giant card, you can end up doing more work when relearning it than necessary.

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Thanks for above suggestions.

For example, I will memorize a very long poem, if I split it into different fields in one card. how to realize that these small section can be review step by step in order? I mean it can be display like powerpoint according to small sections.

If I understand you correctly you’re in luck. A reddit user has created a template just like this.
Reddit - Github

In a nutshell, this creates a single card for your poem - all you have to do is enter the text and add the separator where you feel appropriate. You can then click through the sequence of lines in order.

Depending on how technical you are you can easily customize this to display whatever text you’re memorizing in order. Just let me know when you run into problems.

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Thanks for your template , It’s wonderful,almost resolve my problems. but I have a suggestion. if my text or picture are small , I have to foucs my cursor accurately on it, especially on mobile phones. It’s little hard to operate. Could you support click any area on the screen to support display in order?

Without going into any detail, because I am travelling atm, you could simply add this:

<div style="min-height: 400px;" onclick="showNext()">

to the top of your card template. This makes the clickable box quite big from the get go.

For any further customization I really encourage you to look into HTML and CSS and toy around with the code provided by other templates :slight_smile:

Have fun!

Thanks a million

Hi Hipanda,

For your poems, I would learn each step individually using the Cloze Overlapper Addon. You can break down each step of the poem as small as you need with your personalized learning style. Follow the “minimum information principle” for each step to break it down in the guide below.

4) Stick to the minimum information principle

Cloze Overlapper Tutorial

Cloze Overlapper Addon

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