Is it possible to join two notes from a single card into one note with two cards without losing the scheduling?

Hi everyone. Due to initial lack of knowledge, I created two different types of notes that shared the same fields and the same information in all of them (except for one of the fields that had similar but not the same information, and now I know that it may also contain the same information). Now, after three years of studying and more than 4000 cards studied, I have realized that I could mix the information of the fields of each pair of notes into one note with two cards (in order to reduce the size of my database by half and not have to enter the information twice when I add future cards). Something important is that, of the two notes I have, which I will call type A and B, the information in the fields of B should be copied in A, it would not be worth if it was done the opposite way. The problem is that I don’t know how to do this without losing the programming progress in one of the two types of notes and do it in an automated way.
Can someone help me with this, in case it is possible doing it?

Thanks and regards in advance.

What you’re looking for is the “Change Note Type…” option in the Notes tab of the browser.
Make sure to select all notes of note type B and make a backup beforehand in case you get the settings wrong.

Sorry, I misread.

I’m afraid Anki does not have a built-in feature to merge multiple notes into a single note, but perhaps there’s an add-on available that offers this.