Merging (and separating) two cards into one note

Hi. Can anyone suggest a way of merging two “cards” into one “note” without losing scheduling information for either? The explanation of what I need is a bit wordy, so apologies in advance . . .

I had a series of visual dictionaries which uses the same term/label in the various languages so I created a master deck for sharing with friends and other language learners. Each “note” is made up of a label/entry (the audio files use the same file name held in different folders; I added a suffix to differentiate the language so the files read along the lines of ENTRYXXX_FRENCH, ENTRYXXX_GERMAN, etc. I kept the label/entry as the first field minus the suffix) and then the translation in the various languages and the audio files. So as an example, one note will have the field ENTRY, IMAGE, GERMAN, GERMAN AUDIO, FRENCH, FRENCH AUDIO . . . . and tags/theme as the final field. There are about 30 fields in total.

Now that I have created and distributed the deck to friends, acquaintances, etc. I have exported with the media to an external storage drive. I deleted all the fields and cards except for French which I have already studied. I then created a separate deck for German using some of the same fields and format. The reason I have done this is that at this stage I don’t want to study the two decks simultaneously but further down the track I would like to have the two decks combined so that I randomly have French and German cards and eventually some other languages I am interested in learning or have learnt but would like to develop additional vocabulary.

Although I can see how to merge decks and check/delete duplicates, I can’t seem to figure out how to merge two cards into one note without losing the scheduling information for one of them which is obviously something I want to avoid. I moved approximately 2000 cards that were already in my French deck and there was one note type that had two cards and I wasn’t able to separate these into two separate notes without losing the scheduling information for one of them. In the end there were only about 100 cards so I wasn’t too concerned. But for future reference, it would be good to know how to separate two cards into two separate notes and how to merge two or more cards into one note without losing the scheduling information. To be clear, I don’t want to lose the actual card, I just want to merge the fields into one note that generates the two cards.

Thanks in advance.

Anki has no built in feature to accomplish this, but maybe an add-on exists that that provides such functionality.

Maybe this add-on is useful for you I did never use it myself though.

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