Bug: unable to convert Kanji

Using the Japanese keyboard, I can’t convert hiragana to kanji. I can type in the hiragana, but when I press the space bar to convert them into kanji, the text disappears. This bug has been present since I’ve updated to 23.10 Before this, the conversion function worked just fine.

Please update - 23.12 is working fine on a system here.

maybe it’s fixed in 23.12, but I now updated to it and encountered the crashing bug so I couldn’t confirm if the Kanji issue is fixed for my device. I’ve downgraded to 23.10 for the meanwhile (my last version, the kanji issue still exists).

The Kanji issue is only present in the editor/HTML editor. The conversion works fine in the tag-add window/sidebar search/browser search.

If you’d like to use 23.12 before that issue gets fixed, the qt5 version should still work.

Thank you! this fixed the kanji issue for me for the moment.

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