(bug) I can't study new cards since the last update on browser


I have two decks on my account and I use everyday the computer app and the browser version on mobile. One day or two after the last update on browser version I tried to increase the new cards (the blue number) for only one of my decks (let’s call it “first deck”) and I don’t know why it only worked for the another deck (second deck) that I was not trying to modify. Since that, if I try to change the number of new cards it only works on the second deck and the first deck blue number is everyday at “0”, I mean, I can not see new cards, just study the old ones.

I tried to download the two decks and delete it from Desktop app and add again but nothing works, it’s like the first deck file is bugged.

Can someone help me please? :sob:

Please see Updated my decks, now I can’t learn new cards

Thanks for your response! Increase the review limit worked for me :smiling_face_with_tear:

The backlog problem means that I have too much cards for review? The only thing I can do for solve it is do the review cards?

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