[Bug] Card answered as Easy are shown 2 times


I hope I am posting in the right section.

I am experiencing a bug with Filtered Deck : sometime when I answer to a card in any of my filtered deck, the buttons to select my difficulty to answer appears as usual, but when I click on Easy (end), the same card is shown again. If I click on Easy a second time, the card disappears normally from the deck.

I have 4 Filtered Deck :

They all have the same parameters (as below), except for the Search field in the first filter :

The Search fields as are following :

  • rated:1:1
  • rated:1:2
  • rated:7:1
  • rated:7:2

For example, I have the card below to which I answered Easy (end) that I had to answer again directly after clicking on easy :



It seems that Anki consider the card as “to be reviewed again” no matter which button I click on the first time.
By the way, clicking or using the numpad have the same effect.

I also have the feeling that the only affected cards are the ones I added by increasing the number of new cards for Today in my main and only Deck.

Thank you beforehand,

You probably have duplicate cards. You can confirm that from the browser.

I checked, and I don’t think I have any duplicate in my whole Anki. However, my cards for languages have a recto and a verso, but I don’t think it has anything to do with my issue as all my languages cards are this way, but only a few have the issue.

You’ll find the result of a search in the browser regarding the impacted card I posted about earlier :

OK, I see. I got confused by the bottom card counts and thought they indicate duplicate cards, but it was the opposite.

If you have followed the steps in When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions, can you post a screenshot of the Card Info screen of a card showing the issue?

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I successfully identified the problem following your advice to consult the FAQ, which revealed that an obsolete plugin was the culprit. To enhance user experience, I suggest integrating the FAQ into the topic creation process, similar to how related posts are currently suggested. This feature could efficiently guide users towards relevant information and possibly resolve issues more promptly.

Anyway, thank you very much for your help!


To help future users facing the same issue, what’s the name of the add-on?

It was Load Balancer (1417170896).

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