Cards will show twice before being deleted from a filtered deck

When I create a filtered deck and I press “easy/end” on the card, the next card will be the exact same one and I need to press “easy/end” again for it to be deleted from the filtered deck. How can I solve this issue? It basically duplicates the amount of cards in my deck cause I see all of them at least twice.

Are you sure they’re the same card? If you open the card info window for the two cards, do the card ids (not note ids) match?

Hi, thank you for answering! I just checked and the note ids are the same. The two cards appear one after the other and this only occurs if i press “end” not with any other commands. Also, the second card doesn’t have the “end” command for good but it just shows a day interval.

Please see Extra copies of a card are coming up - Frequently Asked Questions

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