Beta sidebar/tags suggestion

As the sidebar is currently being updated, I thought of a recommendation rather than waiting for the Customize Sidebar add-on to be updated. It’s a relatively simple add-on, but incredibly nice to have. I personally really like the ability to collapse all decks and all note types, since I primarily use the tags (and I have a TON of note types and rarely need to click on them in the browser). The other changes such as the ability to show leech, marked, suspended, flags and today are also really handy for someone that likes to click on a tag, then shift click other things for a better filter.

I don’t mind waiting for the add-on to be updated, but with all the changes currently being made to the sidebar currently, I figured I would make the recommendation that this be officially integrated into anki

Some of that functionality is in the current development code - if you think something is still needed after the next beta, please let us know.

The changes in beta 2.1.41 are really cool! Thanks @abdo and everyone else who worked on this!

One quality-of-life feature I am still missing from what I’m used to from other sidebar addons is the ability to select/move multiple tags (Shift+click to get all tags between currently selected tag and clicked tag and Ctrl/Cmd+click to select arbitrary sets of tags).

Apart from it being useful to edit complex tag hierarchies, this would make sense regarding the way these keyboard commands are already used to chain queries in the browser search bar (at least the Ctrl/Cmd one, Shift+click to get OR is sort of conflicting here).

My suggestion is to setSelectionMode(QAbstractItemView::SingleSelection) to QAbstractItemView::ExtendedSelection and adjusting the drag and drop behaviour accordingly for the tree widget that is presumably being used.

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setSelectionMode is already there in, but it’s commented out for now.

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Added Multiple selection in the browser sidebar · Issue #1011 · ankitects/anki · GitHub


The built-in improvements to Anki’s Sidebar replace essential functionality previously provided by various add-ons. It would be nice if sidebar entries/tags could be individually color-coded. A pinning to the top feature would also be nice.