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Button-like tags in 2.1.49

I’ve been checking out what’s new in 2.1.49 (2a2469e7)⁩, and I find button-like tags much prettier that plain text.

One issue with the new rendering that I haven’t found how to solve is that it seems it’s impossible to copy all the tags from one note and paste them to another one.

I used to Ctrl-A the tag field, Ctrl-C, and then Ctrl-V. Now it seems I have to select all the tags using mouse and copy.

It would be great to have keyboard-only possibility to select all the tags.

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After Ctrl-clicking a tag shortcuts work just like before. You can’t replace tags through pasting though, so you have to delete any existing tags first.


where can I download 2.1.49 from?

You have to build it yourself from the source code: anki/ at main · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Or wait until the next packaged beta is announced on the forum :slight_smile:


This is the problem. Before the change I could select and copy all the tags at once, now it’s necessary to click every one of them, then copy, then erase the old ones, then paste.

It would be great to be able to switch to text-only mode by, say, triple click in the tags field.

You have to:

  1. Hold Ctrl/Cmd
  2. Click a tag
  3. Tap A

Source: I’m the one who programmed it :slight_smile:

Pasting also sounds like a good idea. I’ll work on it once some other things are out of the way.


Still would be great to have keyboard-only possibility to do this.

It’s also an accessibility issue. Now, you can navigate and do probably everything in the card browser using keyboard shortcuts and Tab. For some people, however, it’s hard to use the mouse, and not having to mouse-click in the well-established (Ctrl-A/)Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V workflow would be much easier.

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Could you please demonstrate how the tags function in the beta version? I can’t access ankibeta via Python because I don’t understand how it works.

They look more like actual tags now and behave somewhat like buttons.