How do you copy all tags of a card and paste to another card? thx

using windows, v2.1.54, qt6

i remember in older version this is rather easy.

in this v2.1.54,
i don’t found a way to do this.

could someone enlighten me?

ok, i enlighten-ed my self.

using ctrl-a could select all and copy/paste. thx… myself.

You can ctrl-click a tag, which will select it. After this, press ctrl-a to select all tags, and then ctrl-c to copy. The copied tags can be pasted into another tag editor.2022年4月21日


2.1.50 TTS bug not addressed in 2.1.51 - Anki Forums

[image] › 2-1-50-tts-bug-not-addresse…
](2.1.50 TTS bug not addressed in 2.1.51)




provide a way to select tags in the tag editor #1824 - GitHub

[image] › anki › issues
](provide a way to select tags in the tag editor · Issue #1824 · ankitects/anki · GitHub)


Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. select all tags with Ctrl+A BlueGreenMagick/anki. 3 participants.

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