Additions to the tag changes in 2.1.41


2.1.41 added a function to drag and drop tags/decks.
Is it possible to improve this, so that you can drag and drop multiple tags at once? Choosing multiple tags with “ctrl” and “mouseclick” for example.
Also with the new search improvements anki doesn’t differentiate anymore between “tag:example” and “tag:example*”, like it did before, which I think was quite useful.

If those changes aren’t a lot of work it would be nice to see them in the next patches.

This is already planned, there’s just some conflicts regarding the search features that need to be resolved. Rumo and Damien are working hard on solving this problem.


tag:example implicitly matches subtags now. If you want to only search for notes tagged with example and not any subtag, try the longer "tag:example" -"tag:example::*".


@rumo deserves the credit for the work on multiple drag&drop :slight_smile:


Thank you for your answers

Coloured tags and the ability to pin them would also be nice :slight_smile:

Glutanimate is currently working on a new version of BetterTags:

"I’ve also begun working on a rewritten version of BetterTags that brings all of its current features (plus more) to Anki 2.1.41 and up."
(from Reddit)

I think Anki will keep things plain and simple to satisfy its broad userbase, while allowing add-on developers to cater to their audiences with more specific features.


You can make searches appear at the top by saving them under favourites. That’s basically the same as pinning.
As for coloured tags, I see how that would be nice, but how do people actually use them? Is the colour shown in other parts of Anki, too? (I never had the add-on.)

I understand the hesitation to add functionality to Anki that can be and is already covered by addons. For many features that are only aimed at a specific audience, that’s certainly true. For me, there are two exceptions:

  • Card management
  • Formatting notes

In the first case, it happened several times that changes to Anki led to add-ons that were broken, sometimes even in the long term. If something would be changed in the structure of e.g. the Anki Card Browser, the functions implemented directly in Anki could be adapted right away. This also makes sense to me, as my suggestions from above (colored tags, pinning) are only context menu actions. Those who don’t use tags or use them sparingly won’t have a more complicated Anki user experience because of the availability of these options. Those who do use this feature will need one less add-on.

Regarding the formatting of notes: Here, basic options of text styling (lists, superscript, subscript, indentation …) are only available on the desktop via add-on. It would be useful to have advanced formatting options (perhaps optionally fade-in) available directly in Anki. This could also result in feature pariety with the mobile version, which in turn would improve mobile corrections or input.

Regards, ferophilia