Multiple Tag Selecting for Filtered Decks

When creating a filtered deck, you can select from a variety of tags or deck options. PROBLEM: you can only select one tag at a time which requires you to go in and “tag:” each individual tag for your custom deck. It would be fantastic if the CTRL shortcut ability, or simply clicking each tag, would automatically add the ‘OR’ text for you to be able to select multiple tags at once.

You can do that from Tools > create filtered deck.
Use tag:tag1 or tag:tag2 on the search box

Correct, that’s what my problem in my post is. That is currently the only way to do it. Let’s say you have 12 tags that you want to use to make a filtered deck. Currently, you must ‘tag:1’, save, go back and ‘tag:2’, save, go back ‘tag:3’ etc x12.

What I am suggesting is that when you are in the ‘tag-selecting’ menu, you can select multiple tags at once.

Sorry if I’m missing something, but you can choose several tags at once (without the need to save, go back and save again) no matter how you create your filtered deck:

a) Manualy (Tools > Create filtered deck)
b) Preset (Click on any Deck > Custom Study > Study by card state or tag)

How exactly are you creating your filtered deck?

I have tried both methods. And the only one that allows me to select multiple tags at once is the custom study method. This is fine, but that brings about a new problem if someone wanted to edit or change their selected tags. If you selected 10 tags, they all display on a single line and you have to arrow your way through them reading carefully to find the ones you want to delete. It would be nice if a separate screen opened up with the tags then you were allowed to modify them.

In the Create Filtered Deck option: how do you select multiple tags (let’s say 4) without the individual ‘tag:1, 2, 3, 4’ method?

Another option is to select the tags in the Browse screen with ctrl+click, then create a filtered deck from the search.

This is true. But again it’s kinda clunky. I currently have add-ons like ‘Better Search’ and ‘Create Filtered Deck’ so that I can do this faster and more efficiently. I’m just trying to get some changes implemented into the software itself to mitigate these hoops we have to jump through.

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