Multiple-tagged cards not showing in Filtered Deck

I have a master deck I downloaded from Shared Decks which is fully tagged based on a learning curriculum. I am following a different curriculum, so I’m adding in tags to reflect the order of my learning. Some words appear in more than one learning session, so I have tagged them with “Lesson1 Lesson2”.

Then I built filtered decks to handle the words in each lesson. In Lesson1 Deck, the words I tagged are showing, but when I added the Lesson2 tag to the words reappearing in Lesson2, they do not appear in the Lesson2 Filtered Deck. More specifically,

Lesson1 Deck - 30 words all showing
Lesson2 Deck - 27 words of which only 26 are showing. The missing one is the one tagged with both lesson tags.

Am I missing something?
Many thanks!

Cards can only ever belong to a single deck.

One approach would be to empty all other decks, except the one you want to learn next.

I’d however suggest that you create decks for Lesson1, etc. and put the cards in the deck for the lesson, where the word appears first.


Thanks! I had seen that duplicates are not “allowed” in the whole system, but didn’t realize it would impact filtered decks. But that makes lots of sense!