Filtered decks w/ more than 2 search options?

I need to make a daily filtered deck, 20 cards per day, that contains a specific amount of cards from multiple tags. For example, if there are tags from A to F, the deck should have 3 cards from tag A, 4 from B, …, 1 from F. Is there a way to add cards like this in Anki?

I think Anki allows a maximum of 2 search filters per filtered deck, as for now.

Possible workaround: you could create multiple filtered decks and group them all under the same parent deck (parent deck’s options: New cards/day: 9999, Maximum reviews/day: 9999). Then, if you want to study them all together, just click on the parent deck


This addon might help: rebuild all/empty all filtered decks (enhanced fork) - AnkiWeb


This should work for me. Thanks for the idea!

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