Maintaining Order of Subdeck in Parent Deck

Am attempting to work around having more than two filter options in a filter deck (for some unknown reasons, it limited to first and second filter options).

Using filter deck with second filter enabled, I get to review cards that are matched by the first filter then those for the second filter follow. Unfortunately, I can’t go beyond two filters in a single filter deck.

Following the idea suggested in this discussion, I have a parent deck with two filter subdecks, each with second filter option enabled.

The problem is, when I try to study all cards fetched by the two sub filter decks using parent deck, the cards are reordered. Cards from first sub filter-deck don’t show before those from second sub filter-deck.

Is there a way I could disable sorting in the parent deck so I could maintain the order of cards in the sub filter decks?

You can’t disable sorting in the parent deck, but you can change it to something else. Deck Options - Anki Manual

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That begs the question: Why limit the filter searches to only two if you know it couldn’t be only one?. I believe the number of filters within a filter deck could be more ( I stand to be corrected though.

It might raise that question, but is there an order that you’re not able to get with the current features? Whether or not a Filter Deck theoretically could have more filters doesn’t seem to matter much when right now it doesn’t have more filters. If you want to study a set of Filter Decks, deck-by-deck, in order – there’s already a solution for that.

Whenever I see someone struggling with a complicated deck setup I start to wonder if there’s an easier way to get to where they want to be. You haven’t said what you’re trying to accomplish though.

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If you want to study a set of Filter Decks, deck-by-deck, in order – there’s already a solution for that

Yes… essentially that’s what am trying to do. Like I mentioned in my initial submission, one effect of using both first and second filters in a given Filter Deck is that cards that are filtered with the first filter search get to have their own order of arrangement (random etc) and they also get reviewed first followed by those captured by the second filter.

The work around to having “more than two search filters within a filter deck” as mentioned is to have more Filter Decks within (as subdecks) a normal deck and studying the normal deck. This combines all cards of the Filter Decks. However, you loose the ability to review cards within Filter Deck 1 before Filter Deck 2 because the normal deck also demands a kind of sorting order (one which I’d hoped I could avoid).

This was what the link in my first answer explained – set the “normal” deck to sort by “Deck.”

You can’t disable sorting in the parent deck

I only read this from that message. All things being equal the option Deck, then due date is in essence disabling sorting if cards in the subdecks get to maintain their order. Yes, the cards are reviewed in a deck-wise order and I checked to see if the part of the option that says then due date will affect the order of cards within the decks but I haven’t seen anything yet. The option might as well been just Deck. Thank you.

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