Allow nested filter decks

Why doesn’t anki allow nested filtered decks ?

I wish to have a filtered deck of some cards (n) from multiple parent decks (m)
I want to have a limit of 10 cards from Economics parent deck, some 20 cards from Society parent deck and so on… (have some 10 Parent decks).


  1. Anki doesn’t allow or provide for any -limit option in filtered deck search term itself
  2. there can only be max 2 search terms(filters).
  3. Filtered decks dont respect individual deck limits.
    These are present limitations.


  1. A proper solution would be to implement -limit option for each “(” “)” block of search term of a filtered deck.
  2. A lazy and a maintainer friendly solution would be allow for nested filtered decks - I can manually create a Filtered deck for each parent deck (so that I can study all cards in its childs too (non-alphabetically or otherwise)). Then create a master filter deck for for all filter decks. (with ofcourse reschedule option enabled everywhere)

What I did?
(please remove the extra spaces in link - don’t know why it doesn’t allow me to add github links) https:// github. com/ShootingKing-AM/anki/commit/98c34969d42909e687a4f9eaf79ad65cf16dab98

What do I want ?
So will that have any undesirable side-effects ? After my study on source code, it seems filtered decks are also impl’s of decks. and It should be safe to have such a functionality (though I didn’t read entire source code) But what was the initial intention to have that “-deck:filtered” ? What purpose does it solve ?

Thanks !

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