Can I limit new cards in my "everything due" filtered deck?

Hi all,

I do nearly all my reviews via a shared deck call “everything due”, with the following search:

is:due or is:new

This works great - feels much better to me than my old (pre-experimental-scheduler) way of reviewing each deck in turn.

Except — if I add a shared deck with 300 cards, next time I rebuild it it will have 300 new cards due, regardless of the new card limit I set for that shared deck.

Is there a way to avoid this?

(ideally, I’d like Anki to automatically add 10 cards each day to the new card set, just like it would without my filtered deck)

NB I used Ankidroid for nearly all of my reviews, so review-time addons won’t help.

Best solution I’ve thought of so far — suspend all the new cards, then manually unsuspend them at the rate I want.

Can’t you use the limit option in the Filtered Deck dialogue? You can even set different limits for review and new cards respectively.

filtered deck limit


Thanks - hadn’t realised I could split my filters like that.

I have an extra complication, though, in that I want these shared decks cards to enter slowly over time, while I want any new manually created cards to go straight in. (at the least, I want them prioritised over)

I guess I could manually study the decks with the new cards as well as using my filtered deck. Or try the “latest added first” option for the new cards filter.

Should not be a problem with these settings:

filtered deck limit

… where “Owned decks” is the parent deck for the decks you’ve created yourself and “Shared decks” for, well, you know.
By the way, I just realised that the second filter is only available with the new scheduler.


I would make a deck “My cards” – along with the New Option group.

As to the Filtered deck, the rule is: if the Regular deck can do the job - do not make it more complicated.

PS. If you are going to pluck only some high yield cards from the Shared deck, another deck for them would keep your flow in order.

Related: Sooner than later, you will realize that learning Leeches and difficult cards in a deck tree, has certain merits.