Creating tags from sidebar

Is it possible to add a tag from the Sidebar of the Browser in this version? If not, are there any plans to do so in the near future?

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What do you mean exactly? Like an option “Add to selected notes” when rightclicking a tag in the sidebar?

Right click - pop-up window - Tag selected. In red outlined what we get in the field for tags.

Thanks, that’s what I meant.
I think adding/removing tags or even flags via the sidebar would be a neat feature and I will make a PR if @dae doesn’t object.
However, there already is a release candidate for 2.1.48, so any new features will usually have to wait until the next release.


Sounds good to me

As I see in version 2.1.49 this function is not added.

Version 2.1.49 is a bugfix release and doesn’t contain any new features. Rumo’s PR has already been merged and will probably come with all the other new features with the next big release.


Thank you for your answer, thx Rumo for taking on the task. I’m just glad that this feature will be added in the next big release.