Best option for my study of kanji / hiragana / hangul / English

I’m trying to use Anki to study kanji / hiragana / hangul / English, so I would ideally like to have the kanji show up on the front side, then be able to click to reveal the hiragana (reading of the kanji) then review the Korean word and test my understanding with the English translation appearing last - so it would look something like this in the end:

to sell

With each revealing at a click. Is this possible in Anki? I keep searching and hearing conflicting information about whether or not 3+ side cards are possible. This would be the ideal way for me to study as I’m mainly reviewing kanji and checking it against the Korean I know already.

If anyone could point me to another post or a walkthrough I’d really appreciate it.


You can approximate it with hint fields, but it will be a bit cumbersome.