Beautify-Anki_2.0 (mizmu) [Support Thread]

Download here from ankiweb

Faults, errors and suggestions for improvement can be written here.
Enjoy! :wink:


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Just a tip: your prices to support at patreon are too high for some countries.


South America official minimum wage is 200 dollars monthly on official jobs, and less then that for the 33% of the population working on informal ones. I find 5 dollars a lot, here we pay 3 dollars to have lunch on a restaurant, It is actually 2.5 more expensive then we pay for Amazon prime.
They should create a patreon that varies prices for the currency of the credit card, but maybe some would try to game it idk.
how much are you planing to charge on the monthly subscription you will create?
I actually won’t buy because I only use anki Droid, but I like the idea. I wish there was this option I to pay for a prettier version of anki Droid too.


Thank you all for bringing this to my attention!
(Everyone sees the world through their own glasses…)
The plan is that eventually the additions and improvements will reach the lower payment levels as well. It’s just that in order to give a good value for the higher level, those who join this level will receive the most updated addons a certain time before the lower levels. Any addon as per my decision about it.
At the moment there is also the free version which is actually the original addon that I updated to the current version of anki so that those who just want to enjoy a better look without all the functions added in the Patreon version can be content with that.
become a Patreon accelerates the arrival of updates and improvements to your computer months before everyone else.
(I look at it more as “support”, not “payment”)


Hi MIZMU, thanks for the addon.
I come in response to the review I left on the addon page, to detail my issue.

After further investigations, it seems that my issue has to do with an incompatibility between your plugin and Anki-redesign ( as the issue disappears when I disable one of them.

I will detail the issue now:
It happens while reviewing, the bottom bar increases in size every time that I pass a card, thus covering the screen more and more at a point where you can’t even see the card content anymore :joy:
That’s very funny but also… not practical at all obviously…
I also see some button styles & position affected a little bit but that’s not the main issue.
I’m attaching screenshots and a GIF:


By the way, I am using the free version of your addon, directly downloadable from the official anki addon link

Let me know if you also have incompatibilities with Anki-redesign, and if you can do something about it. Also let me know if you need me to provide more information.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I checked mine and there is indeed a conflict between the addons.
But, I think why actually need both to work at the same time?
Does the redesign have any functionality that this addon does not have?
If there is one, write to me here and maybe I will include it in the next version :arrow_up:.

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I noticed that people who are involved in software development have a bit of a hard time understanding this…
But the plugin anki-redesign Brings a really wonderful user interface, which improves Anki.

If I’m not mistaken, Matthias (@kleinerpirat ) also drew inspiration from his design

Does the redesign have any functionality that this addon does not have?

Oh yes definitely! I don’t know what specifically but it improves some aspects of Anki overall, I will leave you with screenshots with and without it.
On top of that, it is also a CSS injector! This is the main reason why I use it personally, I can have custom CSS for (almost?) every part of Anki.

Screenshots without Anki-redesign:

Screenshots with Anki-redesign:

I see that he expanded the buttons and changed the font to be more bold.

You can inject css through this addon as well.
The css files in the path below are also injected. each according to his name.


Is there anything else that you want?

Well in that case I want to understand how I can replicate the changes that I have made in Anki-redesign, to your addon.

Because right now, I can see that you have some CSS files that I can edit as well, like you said; but I don’t know if I can simply create more files? I also don’t know how to save the current files in case I mess up too much.

What Anki-redesign does is that they have much more CSS files inside a “files” folder, then if you want to write custom CSS you can copy the files you want and paste them in a “user_files” folder and edit them through there.



Basically I know how to write CSS but I don’t know anything about the addon process, and I would like to know how I can kind of “merge” Anki-redesign with your addon and try to fix the incompatibilities myself.

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I have now looked more deeply.
The problem in the reviewer is caused by the CSS setting:

html {
   height: 100%;

in the file:

just disable it.

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Thanks a lot for taking some time to look more deeply, I will try that :heart_eyes:
And again thank you for maintaining the addon

Edit: it worked.


The thanks also go to the patreons who oblige me to do this.
People were angry why I put a paywall on some of the features.
But, everyone benefits from it.

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The addon :package: was updated :arrow_up: yesterday to support pyqt5.
Enjoy! :+1:


I have now updated the Patreon price for this addon to $5.
I am currently working on a more upgraded version. Hope I finish soon.
If you have ideas for improvements, write here.


for the customization part, is there any way you can add specific deck backgrounds?
also, anki in dark mode is very finnacy where the text that should be in white would be in black, the highlighted part in lighter black,etc.but that is a preferencial and not a functional problem : )

Decks’ Backgrounds

  • The default background for all the decks is stored in: addon folder ➡️ assets ➡️ background.jpg to change it replace background.jpg with your desired image [must be a jpg file]

  • To add a custom background for each Deck add an image that matches the deck name in the folder addon folder ➡️ assets ➡️ deck_backgrounds ➡️


Would you be available for an AI job?

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I think you meant to tag @MIZMU

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