I am looking for broken add-ons in the latest Anki. by Shige

Hi, I am developer Shige. I am accepting requests(Free) for simple fixes of broken Add-ons for the latest Anki, and so far I have repaired about 41+ Add-ons. Recently I have no broken Add-ons and I am bored :-/ so I am looking for requests again. Thank you.

  1. Only simple repairs. If it is too difficult, I cannot fix it.
  2. Basically I will not develop new features.
  3. If the author is active, I will not try to repair it. (e.g. Paid add-ons)

Already fixed Add-ons list and more info → [ FREE ] Simple Fix Add-ons for the latest Anki (23.12+)


While my request doesn’t quite live up to your generous offer, it certainly addresses the problem of boredom :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

A plugin for arranging and handling add-ons

Option 1 - Pause certain add-ons for a limited time.

A little explanation:
I have nearly two hundred add-ons installed on my Anki desktop :hushed:. Of course most of them are inactive. (There are several reasons why I still have them installed.)

Sometimes there are certain problems with the program’s activity due to a certain add-on that disrupts the activity. When I try to locate the problematic add-ons, I run into a problem.
If I turn off the add-ons, then I have to make an effort to find the add-ons I need to turn them on, it’s really complicated…

Therefore, I suggest, allow to turn off add-ons for a limited time

Option 2 - Flags for add-ons

Another suggestion, (perhaps much better) to allow plugins to be flagged so that plugin groups can be distinguished. This will solve a lot of problems. For example

  1. Visual add-ons
  2. Import export add-ons
  3. CSS add-ons
  4. Broken Additives
  5. Unused add-ons
  6. add-ons are suspended for a limited time
  7. Cover add-ons
  8. add-ons You No Longer Need

:star: And if anything, a add-on can be marked with two or more flags.
:star: You can also choose an icon for the flags


I too have the same problem. In my case, I am moving the add-ons folder directly. That way I can investigate the cause of the error while keeping add-ons disabled. Like this.

  1. _Suspect folder : Put in add-ons not sure if it is the cause of the error or not
  2. _Innocent folder : Put in add-ons that are not the cause of the error
  3. _Criminal folder : Put the add-on that caused the error

You can use Shift-start to disable all of them at once, and then test them in halves. Troubleshooting - Anki Manual

[You seem to already know that having hundreds of inactive add-ons is unnecessary, and is more likely to cause a problem than have any benefit for you – so I’m not also cautioning you about that – but I’m thinking it. :wink: ]


I know it.
This does not provide a solution to my problem, in order to disable some of the add-ons, there is no escape but selective deactivation, which knows how to enter it, and does not know how to exit…

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I understand that you suggest me not to dream about flags for plugins… :zzz:

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New add-ons or new features take time to develop, so I have quite a lot of ideas and requests for them. Perhaps I will develop it in the future, but I do not know when.


I posted on Anki-Reddit, MedicalSchoolAnki and this AnkiForums, but there don’t seem to be any requests for broken add-ons that match the criteria.
(Maybe there are already very few broken add-ons that can be easily repaired.)

So I am closing this thread as complete, thanks.
If you have any requests, please contact me here : AnkiForums : Simple fix of broken add-ons for the latest Anki (by Shige)


Like the repair request, I think it would be an interesting challenge to develop by request new add-ons. I want to do it and technically it is already possible but development resource is still a bit lacking.

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Maybe you can fix this plugin?

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love your effort.

however i wish the “freedom” community could introduce a little “money”, as i now believe money is what keep the society flow, just like a battery for a toy car.

no one should expect a working software without any sacrification – in terms of a little money.

and for software, it’s good that the cost could be shared by large amount of people without increasing the material cost.

this is how i believe the "freedom software"community could go.

ps, try use AI, it may help.
at least it helped me in some way, in studying and in programming.


This add-on was a bit difficult to fix, so I am still looking into it. The author is very active on Gifhub(BlueGreenMagick), so you may want to contact him again.

Edit : So far no user has reported the problem to Github, so the author may not be aware of the error.

In my opinion, it is almost impossible for the authors of add-ons in general to maintain their development by donations.

For example, AnkiDorid has about 3 million+ active users, and the monthly donation they receive is about $2200. This may seem like a lot, but they can’t hire a single full time developer. (because programmers can make more money from their work).

Typical Add-ons have tens to thousands of active users, at most tens of thousands(Except the extremely popular add-ons). So the average author can only raise a few dollars to a few dozen dollars each month.

That is why development of even the very popular Add-ons is abandoned. Authors cannot get money for development from donations, so they abandon development when they get busy with their work or personal life.

So in my opinion, Add-ons authors need monetizing skills to maintain long-term activity (based on money).

For example, selling 500 $5 products each month would be $2500, which is comparable to the amount of money raised by Ankidorid. It is easier to sell products to 500 people than to collect donations from 3 million active users. (If one person in 100 were to purchase the product, it would be possible to advertise the product to about 50,000 people.)

In other words, authors can maintain development with a much smaller number of users.(This also has the advantage of making debugging easier.)

However, such cases are quite rare. Because developers want to develop, not make money, and companies are not interested in add-ons that generate little or no revenue.


Thanks for the suggestion! For now VScode’s Copilot is useful to reduce development time.

i am using bitwarden,
the free mode provide 99% of features,
and the paid mode only charge 10USD/yr.

force users to pay.

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Thanks for the info, I will try it.

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pls provide discounts to students,
by automatically verify .edu.* emails.
so i can use fake .edu.* emails to obtain a discount.

win-win for everyone


If there is this setting or the add-ons are already there, then I apologize for the concern.
The opposite of this function. It is useful when you make answer input cards, you rarely enter them.

Hmmm, I don’t understand why you need that feature. Why not just press enter and flip the card?

Enter is so inconvenient that it is easier to refuse such cards. If you think about it, the problem is solved if you reassign it to another key.

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