Anki Add-ons breaking with updates


It seems that with most updates, one or more add-ons that are key to my workflow breaks and in general Anki runs noticeably slower. Although I’m extremely grateful for all of the work that the Anki team puts into Anki, it seems that many of the volunteer teams working to maintain various key add-ons aren’t able to keep up with the new updates (or completely forget about the add-on) and errors arise when these unmaintained add-ons try to interface with newer Anki versions. For me, I feel that with every new update some errors are fixed that I never noticed or never impacted me, while many of the key add-ons that I rely on are lost. It’s not easy to stick with older versions of Anki since some key add-ons update more regularly and require a higher version of Anki while other key add-ons are forgotten and never updated. Overall, I feel like I am at a loss with every update. Is it possible to consider these add-ons when making updates? I think it would be better to only focus on major glitches and errors rather than try to perfect the framework of Anki.

There is no need to update Anki and its add-ons if you have a working setup and are afraid of incompatibilities.

Hi, I agree with this except that some of the key add-ons update more regularly and don’t work with older versions. So there is no single version where I can use all add-ons.

Not automatically they don’t. You can decline to update them when an update notification comes out.

For the most part yes, but there is one add-on in particular that is online server dependent, which only works if it detects that you are on the most recent add-on version.

i use v2.1.54 as LTS version.

i don’t know why officially they dont use the concept of LTS from ubuntu.

I cant talk more,
they dislike this concept and they even dont let others talk about this.

disagree, the addon now pop up everytime and i almost be tricked to click yes to update them.

You can always downgrade if you make a tarball of all active add-ons periodically. Maybe even create cronjob that automates it for you. This way any time an update breaks something you can always manually downgrade anki and restore add-ons, even pick and choose, to what you want.

Yeah, I’ve been switching between older and newer anki versions to work around this. However, from a user standpoint, I think it’s just somewhat disappointing that overall when an update is released I have to spend time to relearn anki technicalities (I like tech but my life revolves around a relatively non-tech occupation) to find a workaround around some new problem (e.g. somehow I lost fullscreen functionality, had to figure out what to do about that) and that overall I lose some functionality. Anki also does run slower on newer versions as well.

That’s a decision the add-on author has made. You don’t lose the ability to sync with AnkiWeb each time an Anki update comes out.

What are you basing that claim on? I checked the report logs, and the only post by you that was flagged by a user was this one, which is still visible: Create a Anki LTS Version - #11 by krstoevan

Developer resources are constrained as it is, and maintaining multiple versions would make the problem worse. Ubuntu is a large company, and can afford to dedicate people to taking care of such things.

The new editor did make things slower, but it did bring a bunch of new functionality at the same time. The other main cause of slowdowns is web toolkit upgrades. You can use the Qt5 version to avoid those, if you’re comfortable using a web toolkit that no longer gets any security updates.

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