Simple fix of broken add-ons for the latest Anki (by Shige)

This post is my fixed Add-ons(Fork) support page for the latest Anki.

You can request simple fixes of broken Add-ons from me. (Basically, I don’t do difficult fixes or develop new features.)

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Templates Import / Export - AnkiWeb needs an Anki 23 fix.

Actually the fix (a couple of lines) can be found in a pull request at the “Contact Author” GitHub site. The author has not responded.

(A broader pre-existing issue with this add-on is that it maps Note names and Card names to a directory tree, but sometimes these will not be legal file names in a given operating system. Especially, the character : is not legal in Windows filenames. But that’s beyond the scope of a simple fix for Anki23.)

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I uploaded it to AnkiWeb.

:outbox_tray:Templates Import and Export - Fixed for Anki 23 by Shige

  • I fixed it based on your pull request.
  • Fixed some old functions.
  • Added the feature to show error when invalid strings are included.(Note type/Card type)
  • Added the feature to store the directory paths.

I would appreciate it if you could fix this plugin

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@noty What is broken?

Runs fine in mine (23.12.1) and there isn’t a negative comment in the page or forum nor an issue in their Github


As NameLessGO says, this add-on does not seem to be broken, and the original author is also active.

If you are having any problems, it may be that some other Add-ons are interfering.
Try turning off all Add-ons except “Sidebar table” and see if the problem recurs.

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