Some addons I want to share...

I want to share some Anki addons which I used in the past before stop using Anki. When I wanted to upgrade Anki, I realized they don’t work anymore (some might do). I’m not in the mood the debug and fix the problem and I’m not thinking to upgrade anki but I’d like to share them in their current state thinking they may be of use to others and/or someone may want to improve/enhance them. I don’t want to share using ankiweb as I don’t want to share something that’s not working with the current version. I also won’t fix/improve them anymore so I better stay out of the game. So my question is what would be the most suitable way to share them?

Some details about the addons:
Kanji addon:
Scans the page for kanji characters and inserts links with detailed information which the user can hover with the mouse to see. Involves other stuff like login into and downloading story files etc…

Vocabulary addon:
Scans the text in the card looking for Japanese words and inserts the chosen words and translations into a special field in the card.

Example Sentences addon:
Same thing as above but this inserts example sentences, again to a special field in the card.

When I try to attach some screenshots, I get an error saying I cannot include links (which I thought I was attaching images). Please let me know if I can provide more information (images).

Thank you…

You can put it on dropbox, github, or gitlab and post a link here. Add a GPL compatible license so it stays available to everyone. It would be great if you could provide some explanation about why your idea works and how it has worked for you. And when you come back a little later, you might find your addons working for the latest version if someone is interested in maintaining it.

Thank you for the information.

I attached a GPL to the plugin I coded myself but the other 2 that I only improved were already GPL’ed so I left them alone.

Last time I tried, I couldn’t attach any files so I’ll try again to attach some screenshots at least. I believe the screenshots will explain what the idea behind each of the addon clearly so I’ll provide a brief explanation of my initial intend to create/enhance them here.

kanji_info addon provides detailed information about every kanji in the card on mousehover so the user doesn’t have open a link and/or search the kanji by themselves to access that information. Also some other links are provided about the kanji on the answer side with a stroke order font. There are also many other features. Last known working anki version is 2.1.26.

japanese_meanings addon is the improvement version of the original one which can filter the words with some regex tricks to insert what the user picks from the generated list.

japanese_examples addon is the counterpart of the plugin above for example sentences.

About sharing the addons, I don’t want to share them on any source control site which will imply my involvement with the maintenance somehow. I was really hoping to just upload the .ankiaddons files here and be done with them. If it’s ok to upload them to a file sharing site and share the links here, I’m fine with that too. Please let me know if there is a preferred upload site.

Those addons look interesting, thanks.

There’s actually a 30/60 day time limit for most file sharing sites, so that’s not going to work. If you don’t want to create a dropbox account, you can upload it to my dropbox’s shared folder. Use a random email if it asks.

The uploaded file can be accessed here.

Thank you so much for your help.
I uploaded the files. I used an invalid email while uploading but I kept my email in the source code in case anyone needs.

One last thing I forgot to mention… The Kanji Info plugin, which I coded from scratch, uses many resources like edict and other dictionaries/lists. Apart from the stuff I prepared myself, to the best of my knowledge they are free to use and/or share. For stuff I prepared myself, I don’t really care who does what with it.

I hope those addons can benefit others too.

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