Suggestion: Ability to share access to public add-ons and/or transfer the ownership to another ankiweb account

I believe this would help maintain add-ons better and I think everyone would agree it would be much nicer. This could just be similar to how github lets you give certain people access

You can contact me privately if you’d like to assign a shared add-on to a different user, but I’m afraid shared admin access will probably not come in the near future, as AnkiWeb’s current architecture makes it difficult to implement.

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That’s better than nothing. If I create a “shared account”, is there any way to disable changing the password after logging in? Or at least have some protection in that regard? (i.e. if someone went rogue and decided to change it I could just message you?). I’ve considered getting a shared account that multiple users could log into to update add-ons so that less pressure is on just the one person and I can assist with that whenever others are busy. Short term solution for the time being, but seemed simple enough

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If you don’t know/trust someone enough that you have to worry about that, I’d strongly advise against giving them access to the account, as you’re effectively giving them the key to push out malicious add-on updates in your name.

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We will just limit this to people we know we can trust then for now until we can set up a better system.

On a separate note, is there/will there ever be a way to tell how many add-on downloads are initial downloads vs update downloads?

One other question (I have been getting a LOT of questions about this recently):
The author for Rememorize, hoochie and blitzkrieg has stopped maintaining those add-ons and says its because those parts of Anki are either subject to change soon or going to be integrated into Anki soon. Is there an ETA on those projects?

Seems like those are 3 of the more popular add-ons and functionalities. If needed, I can always commission a software engineer to update them for the near future, but if its going to be truly integrated or break soon then I won’t do that

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AnkiWeb doesn’t currently track updates separately, and this is a bit of a pain to change at the moment I’m afraid.

Hierarchical tags are coming in the next update thanks to Abdo, and Anki already supports rescheduling in the browse screen - it would be simple for an add-on to hook that up to the review screen if that is desired. Mixing of new cards in subdecks will need to wait until I have a chance to rework the rest of the scheduler, which is close to the top of the todo list, but will take some time to work through.

Thanks for the quick update!

With the hierarchical tags coming soon, will that include drag and drop functionality and renaming functionality? And when do you expect that beta coming out?

The rescheduling that ReMemorize offers is far superior to what default Anki offers- is something with that going to change soon such that the add-on will not be maintained? The features I use most often are taking cards from 1 day and moving them to another day or randomly spreading them across X amount of days.

For mixing new cards in subdecks, I’ve just recommended people make a custom filtered deck and set it to random. Is that a reasonable solution? It’s a question we get fairly often.

Just so you’re aware, we usually receive between 20-50 questions/day via our Patreon or social media sites so I appreciate you always taking the time to help me (and the other 11 on the team now) out. I just want to make sure we’re doing what’s best for others


There is a rename option that will cover child tags, but no drag & drop yet, but I’m happy to accept a PR that adds it.

I had not used the ReMemorize add-on before, so if there are specific features you think should be in Anki, it would be great if you could explain them in more detail on a new thread. I just gave it a quick try now and it seems to work fine with 2.1.39 however.

A filtered deck can work for now, though it doesn’t provide a way to have separate limits for separate decks.

I’ll see if I can get someone working on a PR for drag & drop :slight_smile:

For the rememorize add-on, I highlight the most common use I see in this video at 07:05-09:20 Anki:How to Miss a Day (making up skipped days or studying ahead without a penalty) - YouTube

There are two big cases I think its most useful for:

  1. In the reviewer, you can bring up a dialog to manually reschedule a card. This dialog allows you to schedule “7” for 7 days and the cards due date will be 7 days from now with an interval of 7 days, but you can also do “-7” to change the due date to 7 days from now without actually altering the interval (essentially “burying” a card for a week). This dialog also allows using dates such as “2/14/2021” or “-2/14/2021”. I use this feature on a daily basis. (I use the schedule on iOS as well, but it’d be amazing to include the function with a negative sign to only change the due date and not interval. The reason for this is sometimes you have a flashcard today and you want to see it before your test in a week, but you don’t want to change the interval from 3 months to 1 week because then it adds to the card load. This just allows for a quick review of certain cards around testing time)

  2. Repositioning in the browser (as shown in the video I linked above). The biggest reason I like this is it allows you to postpone reviews or schedule them when you’re not as busy. For example, my wife is scheduled to have our first baby this week on Thursday (I know, exciting :)). For whatever reason, I actually have a ton of flashcards on Thursday, but not that many on Wednesday. In the browser, if I search “prop:due=2 prop:ivl>21” I can find all the mature cards due on Thursday and I can then use the reposition function of rememorize to either A) move those cards to Wednesday or B) Randomly spread them over a period of time (i.e. from Friday to next Wednesday).

For those of us using Anki in medical school or premed, we inevitably have tests to work around and days which will be far busier than others. Spaced repetition is important, but it also needs to flexible enough otherwise people just give up on it. I’ve found that whenever I share these 2 tips with students, they start using them nearly every day.

If I had to suggest any add-ons be formally introduced into Anki, Rememorize would be top of my list. Others I would suggest are BetterTags (which it appears you’re already working on), Customize Keyboard Shortcuts, Customize Sidebar, and Fastbar- with nightmode support. Those are ones I feel anyone and everyone can benefit from. Happy to discuss more if you want.


Appreciate you taking the time to elaborate; I’ve made a note to return to this.