I wrote some small addons. I wanna share here, may i? thx


the LLMs helped me to write some very simple addons.
say as i use lv1 lv2 lv3 as tag in anki,
i wrote an addon to make sure that each card have 1 and only 1 such tag, otherwise it will tag it as “p::priority::tag prob”

i would like to share.
however if i upload to github, and write readme etc,
and also make a page on anki addon.
you will know that the writing and self test of addon is workload 1,
but all others make up workload 7x etc.

these scripts likely wont add functions and wont update.

so, may i ?
thank you.

ps: i’ll prefer dual license althought i think no one will reuse the code for commercial.

and with others using it (if there will be)
then it will help finding the bugs.


I think you can upload your add-on to AnkiWeb without writing a description of GitHub and AnkiWeb with no problem. AnkiWeb often has such add-ons.

I am not familiar with the license, Anki’s add-ons need to be compatible with AGPL3, so technically I don’t think you can license Anki’s add-ons to prevent commercial use. (If you do not write anything, it will be AGPL3.)


As add-ons extend the computer version, they must be licensed under the AGPL3 or a compatible license. If you do not explicitly state a license, it will be assumed to be AGPL3. [https://ankiweb.net/account/terms]

See also:

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thanks for the licensing info.

i read from youtube that dual licensing in say AGPL3 and commercial are still compatible /w AGPL3.

e.g. KDE

btw, with any LLMs, one could just yell for an working small addon without reading the FM

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Wherever you post these add-ons, be sure to disclose that you relied on LLMs to write them. Users should be informed about what they are downloading and installing.

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