Programming new Add-on

Hello to everyone :slight_smile:


I’m working with Anki more than 2y. The same with programming.

I would like to thank you programming a new Add-on but I have a few questions

Few questions

  • How could know if my idea are implemented yet?

  • There are so many add-ons…
    Where is it supposed to be allowed to add your implementation without blocking the positions of other addons?

  • Is there a Template where I can add a few lines?

  • I would like to get info from Anki (repetitions, dates…) How should I get them?


Can you guide me?

With Lovely Respect;

Search the Add-ons page and see if any of the titles seem to match what you want.

Even if the idea is already implemented, many existing add-ons are no longer maintained and don’t work anymore in the latest versions of Anki. And even if they do work, you might make a better version.

Nothing is stopping you from stealing coding ideas from existing add-ons or simply copying them and modifying them, because all add-ons are open source.’s Terms and Conditions page states:

  • As add-ons extend the computer version, they must be licensed under the AGPL3 or a compatible license. If you do not explicitly state a license, it will be assumed to be AGPL3.

Unfortunately, there is only very sparse documentation on how to write add-ons, and the internal code and data structures and methods of Anki are constantly subject to change.

There is a Development forum here and an Add-ons forum as well.

If there’s some add-on you’d wish to use and it doesn’t seem to exist yet, go ahead and write it and upload it. A few months ago I wrote a couple of very simple add-ons (1, 2) for my own use, using existing code from other add-ons as a guide. They’ve gotten only a handful of downloads but they haven’t been deleted.


That answer has resolved my doubt.

You are very valuable

Thankyou very much :slight_smile:

I’ll appreciate if anyone has anything more to contribute

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