I want to learn how to develop Addons

I have some simple Python background, I’ve checked Official addon manual but I found that are basic instructions, how can I learn to make advanced addons ? how can I learn inner anki structure ? is there an advanced documentation ?

Can you please share with me the journey I must take, step by step ?


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If you are not familiar with Python, start by learning at least the basics.

Then read the docs: https://addon-docs.ankiweb.net/

Referring to the Anki pylib folder is useful to know what you can do, especially anki/qt/tools/genhooks_gui.py at main · ankitects/anki · GitHub which lists the hooks (I don’t think they’re documented elsewhere but may be wrong).

Referring to existing Anki addon source code is also very useful to learn. Search on Github

If there is an existing similar add-on which you can change to do what you want, that is helpful as well.


If you want to create GUI, the Qt documentation is a good reference.


You have to consult the source code for advanced stuff. If you’re not doing so already, I highly recommend setting up your editor for code completion (some instructions here). This will allow you to find what you’re looking for more quickly and will make the experience a lot nicer.


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