Automatically adapt learning intervals when learning for an exam

Good day, is there any possibility that you could add a function to add a date to a deck so that due dates of cards become optimized for that date to specifically learn for an exam for example?

The thing is that I don’t like to create a custom study that makes me learn more or less all of my cards before the exam. What I would like is that Anki automatically organizes the learning structure in a way that I perfectly can learn for that exam and that all the cards become suspended automatically when this exam is over but are being learned for exactly that specific date?

Isn’t there any possibility to add such a date for an exam for a deck and Anki makes me perfectly learn all my cards for that specific date in a way that I learn everything for that date but I don’t have to configure Anki manually so it makes me learning all the cards again when that date is coming closer? I so much would like you to integrate a function that is doing all the settings automatically in a way so that Anki tells me what I should learn for a specific date and I do not have to care about any setting. Can’t you integrate such a function so that the only thing I need to do is to tell Anki a specific date when I need to have learned everything?? I would so much like it (if I didn’t have to make Anki behave as I want it, to custom learn all the cards shortly before an exam…). Hope you may find a function or an algorythm that does that more automatic when I enter a final date when I need all card to be learned.

Thank you!